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Nirav Gandhi

Web aficionado and software enthusiast.

Senior Product Developer at F22 Labs, India

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Something About Me

I solve problems and deliver results. I am a forward thinking, concise, and strongly opinionated Software Developer, who loves the people side of things just as much as the technical.

I can deliver you a product quickly and continue to iterate rapidly as we understand what our users need and want. I’ve worked through and lead a lot of variations of agile; I help teams (and companies) adapt their practice to find the right balance to keep everything moving forward, efficiently. I help product owners understand their options and risks so they can make decisions effectively.

I most enjoy projects that have a wide blend of problems, be it technical, personal, or structural.

Specialties: Software product design, development, and architecture. Agile project management, transition, and execution. Cross-team communication and collaboration. Strategic planning and execution. Leadership, management, communication and mediation.